About Howley

Howley. That’s Hyderabadi for idiot. Which pretty much sums us up. I mean, don’t get us wrong, books are great, sure. But let’s put down our copies of “India After Gandhi” for a second and be honest. We’re absolutely M.E.N.T.A.L about videos. The pure joy of watching 24 frames per second flash by in front of your eyes…god bless the internet.

We aren’t picky either. Anything goes. Mob cats, creepy CGI babies, Toddy addicts, CGI monkeys, Rhinos who’re really just goats, people doing stupid things, stupid doing people things, did we mention creepy CGI babies?

We’re also Indian. Which means watch out for some seriously weird Rajma-Upma showdowns.

There. You know everything about us. Brace yourself for some mild hemorrhaging. And do NOT blink.